Touch Of A Woman – S5:E5

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Simon is just doing her makeup in bed when her girlfriend Simon walks in on her. Simon is quick to take up the intimate opportunity to help Kiere look her best. It’s not long before she has to set the makeup brush aside and give in to her sexual urges, though.Capturing Kiere’s lips in a deep kiss isn’t enough for Simon. Within moments she has popped Kiere’s breasts from the top of her outfit to suck the nipples into hard tips. Another heartbeat later, Simon has peeled Kiere’s clothes off entirely. Never one to fall behind in her lovemaking, Kiere quickly gives Simon the same treatment.Simon finds herself with the tables turned. On her back with her hands kneading her huge tits, she lets her head fall back in delight as Kiere’s fingers make her pussy blossom with moisture. Kiere goes in for another deep kiss before working her way down Simon’s body and settling on her belly between her girlfriend’s thighs. There’s nothing for Simon to do besides squeeze those boobies and let her hips buck in delight as Kiere makes her moan. Kiere finds the pussy feast so hot that she can’t help masturbating her own pussy, too!As soon as Simon has enjoyed an orgasm, Kiere falls back and lets her girlfriend take over. Her mouth worshipping Kiere’s tits, Simon slips her hand between Kiere’s thighs to rub down her lover’s meaty twat. Simon’s tongue soon follows so that Simon can suckle the clit while focusing her fingers on Kiere’s fuck hole.Even though Simon isn’t done with her yet, Kiere wants to make her love moan once again. She pulls Simon on top of her so that her girlfriend is sitting on her face for a ride on Kiere’s tongue. That position lets Simon use her hands to keep Kiere’s party going before she leans forward to create a lesbian 69. Curling up together with Simon as the big spoon, the girls continue their lovemaking as Simon puts her fingers back to work in Kiere’s meaty snatch. She is unyielding, keeping the pressure up until Kiere’s hips are twitching in pure bliss. In return, Kiere gets Simon on her knees to return the orgasmic favor from behind.The girls aren’t quite done yet. After a deep kiss, Simon helps Kiere onto her back. Cradled between Kiere’s thighs, she worships her love’s clit and fuck hole with her tongue as Kiere’s squeezes her breasts and runs her fingers through her hair with the sensation crashing over her. Kiere’s final big O marks the end of their lovemaking extravaganza, but the girls seal their intention for a next time with a final deep kiss.


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